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Choose Your Plan



per month
  • 1 GBPS Network Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Dedicated Proxies

Shopify, Footsites
(Not Guaranteed)

Shopify, Footsites
(Not Guaranteed)

Shopify, Adidas
(Not Guaranteed)

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Our Features


Fastest Speeds

Whether it's a small release or a yeezy release, you can depend on our proxies to maintain speed during high-traffic releases with our 1GBPS Port Speed and dedicated servers. Your proxies are ALWAYS private and will never be allocated to more than one user.


IP Authenticated

Our custom backend customer portal gives you easy access to instantly change the IP you need authenticated. This relieves you from that last-minute panic of changing servers and keeps you always connected to your proxies.



We pride ourselves with having no downtime during the duration of your monthly proxy packages. We constantly monitor our dedicated servers closely to maintain uptime for the best customer experience possible. Having no downtime is perfect for your monitors!



We specifically picked out the best locations for our dedicated proxy servers to obtain the fastest speeds to the servers of Shopify, Nike, Adidas etc. Our dedicated proxies compete as the fastest available.


Discord Support

We value your business and have a discord server to assist in any issues that may arise and assist you setting up your bot software to increase your chances for the desired release. We strive to create a friendly and helpful community of Nano Proxy users.



We cater to your needs, whether that's hourly, monthly, or weekly proxy plans. Along with our competitive pricing, we offer a range of locations that suit your proxy needs.